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Remember when you buy the CD you will get my help if you encounter any problems…

This gives you an idea of what can be done using the software

Vocal Recording at Home

Can I get High Quality Vocal Recordings

Want to record vocal tracks from home and make them sound like they were recorded in a recording studio.

Can I record vocals at home without spending a lot of money?

The answer is to the above  is Yes!!!!

You’ll be surprised to know that some of the vocal tracks you hear on the radio were actually recorded at a home studio. When it comes to recording a source of sound with a single microphone like vocals, you can get the same sound quality as a commercial recording studio if you take the proper steps.

What software do I need

The software on the CD will allow you to get high quality but you will need a decent audio interface and good microphone.

What Equipment

I use the Behringer 204HD USB audio interface which allows guitar/bass/midi/microphone inputs it costs about £80 so its perfect.

Buy a condensor microphone again to start with about £80 gets a decent sound.

Make sure your are using a good XLR, Balanced microphone cable, not longer than 15′-25′. There’s no point in buying a high quality microphone if you’re using a cheap cable.


Ok so you have a decent voice and want start recording yourself creating your own music CD that you can be proud of.

Or maybe you want to record you band and create a demo to upload and distribute.

So whether it is just for fun or its a serious venture recording your vocals it can be done using this CD without breaking the bank.

The CD might be all you need if you have the relevant hardware and cabling to do the recordings you need and I will explain below what you need to get the best out of your recording sessions.


Just build up your sound its that easy….

Once you’ve completed your singing and your backing vocals you can finalize mixing , mastering and editing your sound.

You can easily burn to CD or even upload to YouTube i am More than happy to assist if you run into problems So I hope you can see the potential of this software and at a price of £9.99 you are getting a lot for your money check out my feedback

See below of how I achieved my vocal recordings track 1 and 2