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Lets Start Recording Your Home Music

Record Vocals  at home

Ok so you have a decent voice and want start recording yourself creating your own music CD that you can be proud of.

Or maybe you want to record you band and create a demo to upload and distribute.

So whether it is just for fun or its a serious venture recording your vocals it can be done using this CD without breaking the bank.

The CD might be all you need if you have the relevant hardware and cabling to do the recordings you need and I will explain below what you need to get the best out of your recording sessions.

Vocal Recording at Home are you ready to record your vocals into your computer – You can do it….

To record your vocals onto your computer but you’re not sure how to go about it’s easy with the software on this cd and I will show you how to do it :- All you need to do all you need is a decent computer or laptop reasonable sound card using the software on my CD 6 programs to choose from so choose say Studio One will be more than enough plug in your microphone

Plug mic into the sound card on your computer, there will be several ways you will do this

1. If you have a usb microphone then it goes into a usb port

2. if you have a dynamic or condenser microphone you will need the adapter 6mm to 3mm to plug into sound card.

3. What type of microphone should you buy a dynamic or condenser microphone either would be a good starting point. Experiment with the microphone and as you get better you you may want to upgrade to something a bit more advanced depending on how professional a sound you want the more money you spend on the microphone the better the sound.

4. Another option which will give a better sound is to connect via USB to Audio interface such as The Roland Quad Capture but that`s getting into advanced requirements which you can look at later.

ess record which will automatically play track 1 then you sing your backing vocals at the appropriate point See how easy it is to start building up your vocal recordings to your PC using the software Once you’ve completed your singing and your backing vocals you can finalize mixing , mastering and editing your sound

Once you’re happy with your sound You can easily burn to CD or even upload to YouTube i am More than happy to assist if you run into problems So I hope you can see the potential of this software and at a price of £9.99 you are getting a lot for your money check out my feedback

Open recording studio 1 plug in your microphone and press record on track 1 start singing that’s it you have now recorded your first track. Next you can play that back and arm track 2 and add backing vocals as shown in picture below….

Remember when you buy the CD you will get my help if you encounter any problems…

Vocal Recording Software



This gives you an idea of what can be done using the software