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Music Production software

Are you thinking of starting  your first home recording studio setup?

It can be a bit daunting what you are going to need

Audio recording is great fun and very rewarding if you get it right.

Anyone can have a recording studio in their home.

Gone are the days when you had to spend on a large scale.

Start with the right home recording studio setup  – you only need a few basic things to get this right.

  1. A desktop PC or Laptop
  2. You can connect your microphone or instrument directly to your sound card but best to go via 3 below.
  3. Audio USB interface best way to go I recommend Behringer 204HD it allows all the audio and midi connections you could need. You can record guitar and vocals at same time.
  4. You need a good DAW and that where my CD comes in with 6 great programs (DAWS) for recording
  5. Headphones, speakers and monitors - you need one of these.
  1. THE COMPUTER - If you computer is 1 to 4 years old it should be fine for the recording you need. It can be upgraded at a later stage.
  2. AUDIO INTERFACE - As I indicated earlier this is the best way to go to get your recordings into your computer and will also connect to speakers or headphones so you can hear what you are doing.
  3. MICROPHONE - I think of the main 2 options Dynamic and Condenser, Condenser:Wide, smooth frequency response, Detailed sound, extended highs, Omni type has excellent low-frequency response, Transient attacks sound sharp and clear, Great for acoustic instruments, cymbals, studio vocals. Dynamic, Not as good as the Condenser, but still very acceptable, Rugged and reliable, Handles heat, cold, and high humidity so more robust than condenser, Handles high volume without distortion – perfect for live vocal use, Preferred for guitar amps and drums. So to sum up either or will be fine in your home studio…
  4. MIDI CONTROLLER - Do I need this, not if your recording via microphone but if you are planning to record keyboards then I( would recommend having a midi in option.
  5. DAW - The CD has all you need to start with.
  6. HEADPHONES & SPEAKERS - Once you have got the recording into your computer, you want to hear and enjoy it! It is no good creating your sounds if you can’t hear it properly! So at least you will need to invest in some good quality studio headphones, you will also want a good pair of monitors (powered speakers). Studio monitors provide a clarity to your sound so you can perfect your mix and judge it accurately. However, good monitors are not cheap, so if you are on a tight budget, maybe start by investing in headphones.                                                                                                                                     

You have the choice of 2 Drum  Machines so the above shoulld give you an idea of what they can do.

You can create your drum beats then export as a wav file and import intp the recording studio as a track.  

cd record easy

Home Recording Studio for beginners



Behringer 204HD USB audio interface

Behringer 204HD

This is my Home Studio setup that has produced the recordings you hear in my videos

There is a lot to this CD with 4 recording studios  2 drum machines and DJ mix studio.

I will try to show you with the help of videos just how good and easy it is to get you up and running.This really is great recording software for pc that you can buy.

Bookmark this page as I will be adding quite a bit of information to the recording process and I will be adding some of my finished work .. but that’s later on.

Remember when you buy the CD you will get my help if you encounter any problems…