Keyboard Recording

Multitrack Recording Software

Keyboard Recording Software


The first thing you will want to do is install all the software from the CD to your computer.
You will need a decent sound card for inputting vocals, guitar, keyboards etc.
To get your  your keyboard in I would recommend using an audio USB interface like the one on the right which has midi IN and midi OUT this is going to give the best quality to your recordings

Behringer 204HD
Ease of use
How easy to use 85%

Multitrack your recordings
Once you start to add tracks you will want to multitrack
You can add more and more tracks for example you start with the basic guitar chords and record that as track one then add bass as next track then add drums then vocals then backing vocals – you get the idea
You can then start to play around with your recorded tracks changing volumes adding special effects
What I did to start with was using my guitar only I recorded the basic chords of the song and saved that as wav 1 then imported as you will see in the video below that gave me my first track then to beef up the sound I duplicated the track and then converted into a stereo track. I then did the same for the vocals and backing track.
Look at these videos to give you an example:-