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Multitrack Recording Software

Creativity without limits Fully customizable to suit your workflow


64 Track Audio, MIDI, Instrument in every project

Drop-in VST ® effect plug-in support the industry-best

audio engine and all the leading technologies you’d expect
from a leading DAW
Choose from four programs designed to meet your needs
and budget

Multitrack Recording Software | Home Recording Studio

Professional Video and Sound Recorder Programs

This is all you need for recording and creating music on your PC create your own home recording studio

Have fun making your musical ideas and create complete songs easily using our cd. Great for guitar players and other musicians wanting to have fun recording at home and interested in jamming with other musicians. Mix an unlimited number of vocal and audio tracks, Record single or multiple tracks simultaneously. Export at all popular bit depths up to 32 bits. Mix to MP3, burn to CD or upload to youtube. Create songs by mixing different tracks, add effects. This is a complete Home Studio on a disc with four complete programs for recording music, mixing music, multi tracking music, add drum beats to your music, add bass tracks to your music, add keyboards, then complete your cd with mixing and mastering  and finally converting to create your own audio CD recording.

“If you like singing and playing your instruments better than trying to figure out how to work out complicated software this is the CD for you.”


With this disk you can multitrack and bounce audio and midi sounds, Edit Mix and Master…

Audio Recording – record your audio tracks alongside previously recorded ones just keep adding as much as you need for your sound. Midi Recording – midi tracks can be recorded using a midi keyboard or  You can also use the computer keyboard. Instrument sounds can be generated by the General midi compatible instruments or external midi hardware like a keyboard all compatible with VST plugins. Ease of use – This CD with its wide range of software proves that multitrack recording using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) can be as easy as tape- based recording. Editing – both audio and midi tracks can be edited to get rid of any errors you find. Mixing – the powerful mixer structure (up to 64 track) includes a number of effect returns and numerous built-in high quality effects and VST plugin support.



User friendly with fast and easy navigation and help menus built in to make it easy to start your recordings to your computer

There is six music production programs on it covering a wide scope for producing your own music. This gives you Powerful Tools for your Home Studio. This is a high quality music production CD that I have built up and added to over the years. New software is always being added. Create songs by mixing tracks, applying effects. If you’re a singer or songwriter, you’re going to want to be able to create and record your own songs from the comfort of your own home using your own computer. You can with this CD.Produce your own vocals, guitar and keyboards. My CD has helped hundreds of musicians get started on the Home music ventures.Music Recording Software for the home can be done cheaply as my cd will prove. So if you want to start producing and recording your own music but don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds to start out with this cd will provide all the musical tools you will need.


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Brilliant thank you very much. RECORDING STUDIO CD - RECORD GUITAR, VOCALS & DRUMS - Now with Drum Samples
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